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Advancement Plan

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Welcome to Kali's Occultist page. You will find here potential advancement plans from Occultists. I gathered these plans from current occultists. As to which is best, its all a matter of opinion I suppose. Enjoy the information, please let me know if you have something to add.

- Kali the Infernal Hierophant of Death.

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In the Newbie guild, advance fighting, general and occult to 5. Once you join the occultist guild:

Fighting is a matter or preference, also depends on what your con is, since con decides skill level in f.p

With a con of 20, occultists get a 38 skill level in f.p

I usually either overmax for points if I have to, or parry if I don't.


oc.sp to 10 to 10 to 180 to 300 to 300 (same applies for title as above)
Die and raise twice to lose 10 levels
oc.p to 5 and to 300 (or 299) to 180
oc.sp to 300
oc.sp.en to 300 to 300
oc to 300 to 300 to 300 to 300
oc.p to 300

With the recent stat changes, I highly recommend this plan. For a huge shield, enchanting needs to max no lower than 371 with a 25 int for drow. Not sure about number for other races, but I would guess somewhere between 376-400.