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Occultist Guild Policy Page

Below you will find listed the various guild policies that everyone is responsible for and will be enforced. Any questions, suggestions, or additions to these policies can be directed to Kali or La'Magra.

The first policy is the name policy. The guild has actually had a name policy in play since Sammael was GM. It is as follows:

Unacceptable names: Nonsense names (Chickenboo, Chnkypntbtr, etc), Real names (Oliver, Helga, etc), Names implying good (Justice, Peace, etc), Nouns (Necro, Robot).

In general, names should be of a roleplay/fantasy base. There are exceptions, however.

If your name is deemed unacceptable, you will be contacted by the GM/AGM and you wil have until Level 25 to fix it.

Bug abuse of any Occultist spell, especially charm being, might result in the removal or downgrade of the spell, especially if abused continually. In other words, just don't. Charm being is an especially touchy subject since it seems everytime someone abuses it, the immies change it.

The Death policy. As a general, the killing of an occultist by another occultist is frowned upon but acceptable with just cause (raiding, war, etc). RPKing of another guildmember or the killing of a guildmember in the guild or any of the annexes will result in your being renegaded.