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Occultist Titles

Thanks to Arcturus, there is a new set of Occultist titles. Max title is not now reached until 401 (as opposed to the former 301).


0 "the Initiate of the Occult"
1..9 "the Follower of the Occult"
10..20 "the Twisted Initiate of Chaos"
21..30 "the Sinister Initiate of Death"
31..40 "the Wicked Initiate of Evil"
41..50 "the Acolyte of Chaotic Rites"
51..60 "the Acolyte of the Sinister Magicks"
61..70 "the Acolyte of Abysmal Sorcery"
71..80 "the Aspiring Practicioner of Chaotic Rites"
81..90 "the Aspiring Adept of Darkness"
91..100 "the Aspiring Sorcerer/Sorceress of the Abyss"

Level Title
101..110 "the Initiate of Curses"
111..120 "the Acolyte of the Cursed Words"
121..130 "the Adept of Dark Incantations"
131..140 "the Minor Invoker of Defiling Utterances"
141..150 "the Invoker of the Reviled Names"
151..160 "the Greater Invoker of Demonic Curses"
161..170 "the Wicked Acolyte of Destruction
171..180 "the Minor Practicioner of Destruction"
181..190 "the Acolyte of Evil"
191..200 "the Adept of Corruption"
201..210 "the Acolyte of Hatred"
211..220 "the Adept of Malice"
221..230 "the Acolyte of Death"
231..240 "the Adept of Murder"
241..250 "the Acolyte of Destruction"
251..260 "the Adept of Razing"
261..270 "the Baleful Harbinger of Malignant Evil"
271..280 "the Decadent Harbinger of Ancient Hatred"
281..290 "the Abominable Harbinger of Hideous Death"
291..300 "the Vile Harbinger of Rampant Destruction"
301..310 "the Dread Cabalist of Unholiness"
311..320 "the Corrupt Harbinger of Rancor"
321..330 "the Sadistic Invoker of the Endless Night"
331..340 "the Apocalyptic Hand of Annihilation"
341..350 "the Hierophant of Unrelenting Evil"
351..360 "the Hierophant of Festering Hatred"
361..370 "the Hierophant of Agonizing Death"
371..380 "the Hierophant of Ravaging Destruction"
381..390 "the Diabolic Hierophant of Evil"
391..400 "the Pernicious Hierophant of Hatred"
401+ "the Infernal Hierophant of Death"

Level Title
101..110 "the Initiate of Charms"
111..120 "the Acolyte of Control"
121..130 "the Adept of Domination"
131..140 "the Minor Sorcerer/Sorceress of Submission"
141..150 "the Minor Charmer of Spirits"
151..160 "the Mental Master of Spirits"
161..170 "the Minor Charmer of the Damned"
171..180 "the Possessor of the Damned"
181..190 "the Subtle Master of Demons"
191..200 "the Charmer of the Damned"
201..210 "the Demon Charmer"
211..220 "the Greater Demon Charmer"
221..230 "the Chaos Charmer"
231..240 "the Greater Chaos Charmer"
241..250 "the Mind Warper"
251..260 "the Mental Tyrant"
261..270 "the Insinuator of Command"
271..280 "the Soul Gatherer"
281..290 "the Soul Possessor"
291..300 "the Soul Trapper"
301..310 "the Master/Mistress of Chaos"
311..320 "the Enslaver of Demons"
321..330 "the Corrupt Enslaver of the Damned"
331..340 "the Diabolic Enslaver of Souls"
341..350 "the Minor Manipulator of the Damned"
351..360 "the Manipulator of Souls"
361..370 "the Demonic Charmer of the Nightmare World"
371..380 "the Twisted Subjugator of Spirits"
381..390 "the Fiendish Subjugator of Demons"
391..400 "the Tyrannical Subjugator of Chaos"
401+ "the Master Manipulator of Souls"

Level Title
101..110 "the Initiate of Enchantments"
111..120 "the Acolyte of Imbuing"
121..130 "the Adept of Chaotic Magicks"
131..140 "the Minor Enchanter/Enchantress"
141..150 "the Acolyte Imbuer of Demons"
151..160 "the Enchanter/Enchantress of the Spirit World"
161..170 "the Adept Enchanter/Enchantress"
171..180 "the Sordid Enchanter/Enchantress"
181..190 "the Odious Sorcerer/Sorceress"
191..200 "the Vile Enchanter/Enchantress"
201..210 "the Abominable Conjurer of Despair"
211..220 "the Detested Enchanter/Enchantress"
221..230 "the Depraved Conjurer of Virulence"
231..240 "the Unholy Befouler of Light"
241..250 "the Enchanter/Enchantress of the Abyss"
251..260 "the Enchanter/Enchantress of Chaos"
271..280 "the High Enchanter/Enchantress of Anagoge"
281..290 "the Wicked Necromancer of the Dark Arts"
291..300 "the Chaotic Necromancer of Evil"
301..310 "the Sinister Necromancer of the Abyss"
311..320 "the Runic Conjurer of Death"
321..330 "the Transcendentalist of the Dark Planes"
331..340 "the Soulless Yogi of Necromancy"
341..350 "the Lord Enchanter/Enchantress of Nightmares"
351..360 "the Bewitching Cabal of the Abyss"
361..370 "the High Conjurer of Insanity"
371..380 "the Hex of Theurgy"
381..390 "the High Necromancer of Theosophism"
391..400 "the Infernal Necromancer of the Abyss"
401+ "the Arch-Necromancer of Chaos"

Level Title
101..110 "the Initiate of Summoning"
111..120 "the Acolyte of Luring"
121..130 "the Adept of Binding"
131..140 "the Minor Evoker of Spirits"
141..150 "the Evoker of Spirits"
151..160 "the Minor Summoner of the Damned"
161..170 "the Summoner of the Damned"
171..180 "the Alluring Evoker of the Pit"
181..190 "the Binder of Lost Souls"
191..200 "the Minor Summoner of Lamashtu"
201..210 "the Adept of the Chaos Realms"
211..220 "the Adept of the Planes"
221..230 "the Adept of Nightmares"
231..240 "the Baleful Summoner of the Wretched Souls"
241..250 "the Reviled Summoner of the Abyss"
251..260 "the Despotic Summoner of the Demonic Netherworld"
261..270 "the Harbinger of the Outer Planes"
271..280 "the Evoker of the Outer Planes"
281..290 "the High Master/Mistress of the Outer Planes"
291..300 "the Wicked Summoner of Demon Princes"
301..310 "the Unholy Summoner of Balor Demons"
311..320 "the Malevolent Summoner of Greator Demons"
321..330 "the Repulsive Bringer of Horrors"
331..340 "the Foul Bringer of Nightmares"
341..350 "the Heinous Bringer of Chaos"
351..360 "the Summoner of the Nightmare Gate"
361..370 "the Dread Master/Mistress of Lamashtu"
371..380 "the High Summoner of Chaos"
381..390 "the Sorcerer/Sorceress of the Abyss"
391..400 "the Commander of the Nightmare"
401+ "the Great Bringer of Doom"